Consultation Request Form

What to Expect

After receiving your consultation request form, I will send you a soil health guidance intake form. The information you provide will help me start to know you as a grower and learn about your soil. 

My focus is less on a perfect soil report and more on soil function. We will discuss more than the chemistry of the soil, we will cover soil structure, fertility management and timing, soil biology, inoculation, and nutrient cycling.

After receiving your soil and water reports and your intake form, I will send you a link to schedule and pay for the consultation call. 

We will address your topics of primary interest; I will suggest fertility and biological inputs, management practices, and possible actions that need to stop to preserve your soil’s health. Depending on your interest and level of engagement, our interaction can be anywhere from an hour consultation call to longer-term in-season check-ins and ongoing access to support for your soil health journey. 

You’ll also need to print and fill out this “Logan Labs sample submission worksheet” to submit your sample to the lab: