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Small Scale Growers and Home GardenersĀ 

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Small Scale Growers and Home Gardeners Soil Report Review via Zoom

Get a soil health consultation tailored to your needs. We’ll review your lab soil reports and submitted intake forms, and provide insights and recommendations on soil health and fertility management for the upcoming season. The fee for this service is $55, and covers up to two unique soil sample locations and an irrigation water suitability test, if submitted.

Payments for Lab Fees

Remember that all soil and water test lab fees are separate and must be paid directly to the lab.


Please schedule your consultation at least two weeks from when you mail your soil and water samples to the lab. You can reschedule using the link in the appointment confirmation email.


Our Gardens Are Vital for Our Well-Being

Assessing plant health goes beyond just observing size and color. To comprehend plant wellness, it’s important to pay attention to finer details such as color, structure, reproductive ability, uniformity, adaptability, and resistance to environmental stressors. A plant’s taste, aroma, and texture can also reflect its health. Ā We can gain insight into the health of the soil in a simular way, by sharpening our senses, and observing what is happening under our feet.Ā 

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Instantaneous long term results, heading

Instantaneous long term results, heading directly towards sustainable, minimal effort, optimally nutritious best tasting food, hands down. A soil life doctor working with nature, Faith provides the most cutting edge truth oriented garden practice advice Anywhere. “As the soil’s health improves, the individualization of programs becomes more important.”. Faith thrives here, leaning into truth based science and discovering exciting answers to advanced gardens’ needs.

Steven Tapp Hallman
On Tapp Productions

worth her weight in gold

Faith is worth her weight in gold! Her initial consultation was in depth, full of valuable comments as we toured my garden. Her confidence and enthusiasm gave me confidence as well.
Faith gives extensive follow up also. She explained the soil test results and gave me a detailed chart with directions for the upcoming seasons. And hands on demonstrations. She provided supplies for fertilizing, cover crops, with complete instructions.
Faith in Soil provides so much more than I expected. I feel like I have a caring professional partner at my side.

Susan Gail

Faith transformed our farmland

When we first started our micro farm, the land was impassable, covered with thorny thistles. Faith explained how weeds can be a clue as to the trace minerals needed in an area, and after doing soil samples, confirmed what the weeds were telling her. We amended everything and three years later, we have a beautiful hill of clover, violets, and natural grasses. So much more balanced!

Tiffany April Raines
Wild Spirits Farm

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About Faith

Faith is a soil health guide with over a decade of experience in farming, education, and research. Her journey towards becoming a soil health enthusiast was shaped by her zeroing in on her interests, studying, experimenting, observing, reflecting, and repeating. She started building her foundational understanding of soil health while studying soil microbiology, permaculture principles, and plant biology in college. She later spent over a decade developing and managing a 3+ acre project farm, which she transitioned into a thriving perennialized, diverse polyculture system interlaced with annual fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

She regards her farm as a living laboratory and stewards it with regenerative principles, biological nutrient cycling, on-farm DIY fertility inputs, community outreach, education, and research. She has also studied with many of the present-day luminaries in the fields of biological farming, regenerative agriculture, Nutrition Farmingā„¢, soil microbiology, permaculture, Korean Natural Farming, and more. Faith holds a deep desire to support a more synergistic farming future by guiding and supporting growers to develop a reciprocal relationship with the land they manage.Ā